[Green Bamboo School – Sunday] Basic English Classes

Date & Time: Sunday @ 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST

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Meeting ID201 171 5105

Spread the Love – Basic English Learning Program
This program is aimed to help people with less English learning opportunities to communicate in English when they need to. The candidates can be cooks in restaurants, babysitters, beauty salon workers, auto mechanics, our parents, and grandparents.
This is a free education program sponsored by CAPA-NOVA and taught by our youth volunteers ranging from elementary school students to high school students who are fluent in speaking English and willing to contribute to our community with their volunteer work. Our children will help needed people to improve their English speaking and listening capabilities and enable them to ask for help from police and talk to people in their daily lives.

相关阅读:  萨支唐(Chih-Tang Sah)

Teachers: Youth Volunteers

Thank You Teachers

Study Materials:

12/19/2021: Bamboo English 12-19-2021

11/21/2021: Sunday English Class 11-21-2021

11/14/2021: Green Bamboo School 11-14-2021

10/24/2021: BambooEnglish 10-24-2021

10/17/2021: BambooEnglish 10-17-2021

10/10/2021: Popular Sentence Structure 10-10-2021

10/03/2021: SundaySlides 10-03-2021

09/19/2021: SundaySlides 09-19-2021

08/29/2021: SundaySlides 08-29-2021

08/08/2021: English Dialogue 08-08-2021

08/01/2021: DailyDialog

07/25/2021: Vacation1, Vacation2

07/18/2021: Daily Dialog

07/11/2021: Car

07/03/2021: Restaurant

06/27/2021: Learn English

Beginner 0425


By Xi Su

CAPA-NoVA Volunteer

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