Leadership Program (Every Fridays starting 7/5)

另外,我们今年的Leadership program,7/5 将正式开营👆👆 快快注册。 CAPA 青竹学院今年推出适合15岁以上大朋友的Leadership Programs,给孩子们介绍创业之本(服务目的)经营之法 (项目设计),运转之道(经费预算)昭示之途 (申请报告) 。 扫Flyer进入我们CAPA 青竹学院群,了解更多详情。谢谢!

CAPA NOVA Summer Youth Leadership Program

这是我们capa nova summer volunteer opportunities。 大人孩子都欢迎。 we have added a lot of new programs recently, and we can use your help! (This link is just for summer programs, we will

7/11/2024 (9 PM-10 PM) Smart Youth with Smart Finance

@All 特别通知👆👆 今年暑期为孩子们准备的Smart Youth with Smart Finance 为期六周的 boot camp将于7/11 开课。 请大家尽快注册。 Mike Nie, Smart Finance 教官的课特别火爆。 这个课是设计尤其精彩。 孩子们除了了解如何积累财富,还会实战设计自己的大学学费计划。

I loved reading these bios- thank you for highlighting. I took a master class with Yo-Yo Ma in college. He is an incredible musician and human being.
Stella Pekarsky
FCPS Vice-Chair Sully District Representative
We are glad to be working with a group of like-minded people towards a better future for this and future generations of ours.
Lan Yue and Kai Zhang
Appreciate the leadership and hard work from CAPA NOVA core members!
Ling Xu