[Workshop – 2] Happy Mother’s Day – Special English Class

【学习班 – 第2期】母亲节快乐 – 特别英语课

[Date & Time] 5/8/21,5/9/21 @ 8:00 – 9:00 PM

[Coach] Jessie Jia

On 5/8/2021 and 5/9/2021, during a CAPA-NoVA special program, we discussed with several teenagers and their moms about how moms view themselves and how kids view their moms. We started the Mother’s Day celebration by listening to Celine Dion’s song, “Because you love me” and reading heartfelt quotes of mom together. Kids described their moms as beautiful, caring, hardworking, independent, protective and energetic. Through this event, our teenage kids appreciate their moms more and are willing to take their moms to anywhere their moms want to go.

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By Xi Su

CAPA-NoVA Volunteer

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2 years ago

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for hosting this class!

Jessie Jia
Jessie Jia
2 years ago
Reply to  yuyan

Thank you Yuyan for making that beautiful flyer for us!

Jessie Jia
Jessie Jia
2 years ago

It was a very moving experience for our moms to listen to the song and read those heartfelt quotes. We gained more understanding of the worldwide culture about moms and our children’s ask from moms during their teenage times. It also helped our children to appreciate more of their moms’ love and become happier kids.

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