Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month – CHINA

Presented by Qingfeng He, May 2021

Mr. Qingfeng He, a FCPS parent, presented this “Celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month – CHINA” presentation at his son’s school as part of the school’s “Path to Asia” program in May, 2021. Besides the Chinese culture, four distinguished Chinese Americans, Chien-Shiung Wu (吴健雄), I.M. Pei (贝聿铭), Yo-Yo Ma (马友友), and Michelle Kwan (关颖珊) were presented to celebrate the contributions of Chinese Americans to the USA. Mr. He would like to share his PPT to our CAPA-NoVA website.

If you would like to download this PPT file to present at your children’s classrooms, please click here (AAPI_presentation_May2021).

相关阅读:  陈宇晖(Danny Chen)

Thanks to Mr. Qingfeng He and his contribution to the AAPI Heritage Month celebration!

Mr. Qingfeng He’s PPT:

By Xi Su

CAPA-NoVA Volunteer

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