The World and I

I remember when I was born, my family was looking at the small bean that I was. I could do anything that I wanted because I was just a baby. My parents always thought that babies ate sand or threw toys at the window because they were clueless. That was true for me, I was clueless. I saw other small babies that looked very similar to me; barely any hair, wobbling like a penguin, with a sloppy smile. The longer that I stared at them, the more furious I got. I didn’t want other babies to look like me so I always imagined doing something cruel to them that would cause them to cry hysterically. I would imagine belly flopping on them or stealing their stuffed animal. That’s how I was as a tiny bean: selfish and devilish.

Now the world is like how I was as a small baby; oblivious. People are taking advantage of a horrible event that’s happening and acting as if they were still a child. They imagine doing brutal acts to their neighbors because they want the element that they love and desire: power. They aren’t aware of the consequences because they just want the item they wish for. Even if it means slaughtering someone, they still do it without even the slightest regret in their eyes.

The media starts flooding with different facts and opinions. Physical fights start happening and more aggressive arguments start forming. I hear dogs barking outside at night and I fear that something unpleasant will happen to my family. I don’t see any happy and cheerful Asians outside like I used to. Everybody’s too scared to come out, like me. My mom wants to go out and buy groceries but my dad and grandma don’t let her. She says that we need food and that it’s not dangerous. My dad comes up with a better reason that she can’t go and my grandma agrees with him. Just like that, we convince her to stay.

People have a light in their soul that brings love, hope, and humanity. That light helps them see humanity in others. Some people have darkness in their soul which makes them see only darkness in others. Only the souls that have light in them can stop something before it escalates further which means that we need to speak out.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this essay does not represent the views of the contest organizer CAPA NOVA.

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