The person who inspires and encourages me is my mom. She lifts my mood in the time of ups and downs. At times because I am an Asian, there is always some antipathy towards me. However, I can overcome them with the support and strength of my family. The time of year brought from my Asian heritage, lifting my mood is Chinese New Year, where I make and receive goodies. My Asian heritage is a benefit making me strong. It gives me skills that allow me to have a better chance of succeeding in life.

Asians are currently and, in the past, facing challenges like racism and accusation. In the past and until the present, Asians were called names and bullied based on their looks and actions that we cannot change. Therefore, when I was in this situation, I would avoid them and be as far as possible. Most of the time, I am fortunate enough to go unnoticed by these callous people. Unfortunately, this does not last, and I have become the victim I usually ignore. Sometimes I ignore the person, and I am left alone. Other times, the attacker may strike me, and usually, I would push them away, running to a teacher. In this situation, I tell the teacher that I pushed the aggressor in self-defense because the person hit me. The teacher would usually privately talk to the person, ending the racism. However, I would not have the teacher be involved, to begin with, since I would try to make peace with the person so the attacker can learn that what they are doing is irrational. The guilt of being mean to others based on appearance is enough for a person to have. These are the ways I dealt with racism. Even though people discriminate against me because of my features, my Asian heritage makes me strong.

As an Asian, there are traditions different than others around the world. My favorite tradition is the Chinese New Year. Every year for this traditional holiday, I receive money as luck and hold onto for years of good fortune to come. I make dumplings for hours and origamis of dragons and cranes. My favorite part of making the dumplings is putting the filling into the flattened dough. Even though this is my favorite part, it does not mean I am exceptional at this part. I am horrible at this, calling the ones I made “very special”. I have made the origamis from sizes as big as a pillow to as small as my finger. We also buy food like “Tang Yuan” at the supermarket, eating it every morning to celebrate. My dad makes “Jiu Niang Tang,” which is a mood changer for me since I like it sometimes, while other times, I prefer not to have it. Fortunately, this is only a part of my heritage. I am also born being capable of speaking the world’s complicated language. Knowing more languages allows me to have an easier time understanding and learning the language that many do not have the chance to have. These language skills give me to have more opportunities in life.

If it were not for my mom, making me feel ecstatic and been born with Asian heritage, I would not have been here today. I am thankful that my mom is always there for me, allowing me to overcome my challenges. My favorite Asian tradition impacts me a lot, making me learn more and have fun. It allows me to learn more skills that are essential for life. In the end, I am an Asian American.


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