Stronger Together

Asian – such a small word for such a vast group of people. Did you know? Around 60% of the people on Earth right now are Asian. How could so many people become a target of hate, if they make up a lot of the world? However, only around 5% of the American population is Asian. It seems a lot less, but it’s true. Sometimes it’s the quality of the person, not the quantity.

“Are they different? Why should I treat them like we are the same, when we are not alike in skin color or in race?” The answer is complicated, yet simple. Why shouldn’t we treat everyone the same? We are all humans, all Homo Sapiens. Asians are one type, one race of the innumerable on Earth. Yet in reality, some people are driven to separate us, to condemn us by the color of our skin, eyes, or hair. It can be hard to change what they think, especially if they have been indoctrinated about it.

But we can try. Even if I have not never faced discrimination, I am still Asian. Even if I’ve had positive experiences, I can’t change my background, and I don’t want to. I am proud of who I am, and it makes me stronger. I’m also proud of my friends, family, interests, and traditions. True friendship is not built because of looks nor the potential benefit you can get from that friendship. As Aristotle explained, true friendships are friendships of virtue, a mutual growth, both wishing well on the other.

I am supported by an amazing community with kind and compassionate friends, neighbors, families. There will always be injustice, but we can always try to fix it. I look up to a lot of people, but they all share a common trait of never giving up. If someone blames you wrongly, calls you insulting names, it’s understandable to feel bad, it’s okay to lean on someone, but it doesn’t make you weak.

Life will always be filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. As a community, we will be stronger together. As a world, we can achieve unthinkable levels together. As a person, you have the power to change the world. The future is up to you.

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