In thousands of years, we Chinese people have been finding or creating useful things in things that most people will evade. Even in the thousands of years of history, Chinese people have not overlooked that tiniest detail that you may forget about: poop. We not only have remembered about it; the Chinese people have really been very creative with it.

Chinese people have made stories about poop, creating original stories to convey important morals. Even having stories about something really shows how long we have noticed small details. In ancient Chinese history, there is a story with a wonderful moral that goes this way. Once there was a bird flying on a cold winter day. It was tired and sore. After a long time, it fainted and fell out of the sky. It would have frozen, and died if not a cow walked by and pooped on it. The poop acted as a warm blanket, and soon the bird was revived. After some time, it started singing and chirping. A wolf soon heard and picked the bird out of the poop, and ate it for dinner. This story tells that not everyone who poops on you is bad, and not everyone who gets you out is good.

Chinese people have great creativity. One influential painter (倪云林) in Chinese history built a wooden tower like an extremely tall toilet. Why did he build this? Simply because he didn’t like the smell of poop. He also made a ring of goose feathers so he couldn’t see the poop sitting at the bottom of the tower. Chinese people invented toilet paper. Toilet paper is a common thing today, but back in ancient China only emperors could afford it. This shows the great creativity of Chinese people. Would you ever have thought of this idea?

Chinese people have conquered the art of creativity, the art of finding great things in even revolting things, and to find out wonderful ways to innovate. In the story “The Last Stop On Market Street”, CJ asks his Nana “How come it’s always so dirty over here?” Nana replies, “Sometimes when you’re surrounded by dirt, CJ, you’re a better witness for what’s beautiful.” Likewise, making beautiful things out of things like dirt will allow you to witness beautiful human creativity.

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