My Great Asian American Heritage

My current Asian American heritage. As a Chinese boy, I have grown to recognize my mentors, my encouragers, my challengers, how to beat the tests, my culture, and the ways my Asian heritage has made me strong. My parents and siblings teach me the unknown and begin walking a new path with them constantly there to support me. Then I have those that stand in my way of success, so I need to face those tests by uniquely overcoming them. Finally, as I learn new things about my culture, such as cooking and wishing other luck during New Years’, my heritage has turned me into a bilingual Chinese boy. As I turn four years old, I begin learning about the outside world and what my future beholds.

As my years pass by, I attentively observe those that love and care for me. I realize that my parents are the best! They pay for my well-being, a roof over my head, food, water, and anything I could ask for, including spending time to pay attention to what I desire! Therefore, I conclude that my father and mother are my mentors, as they have brought me into this world. Moving onto my encouragers, I am very thankful to them, as they make my life easier as I face new challenges. My family has motivated me to work hard, consequently, I have achieved all A’s this year and am continuing to work hard to my dream carrier. I appreciate all the reassurance from my family members for still maintaining to help me work hard.

As I moved from elementary school to a GT academy middle school, I faced new challenges and acquired diverse methods to defeat them. The first challenge I faced is to know that now you have lots of homework and projects so, I must determine my priorities. Next, I learned that my parents are always working hard to keep their jobs, therefore, I must help them with the chores and cooking for them, as it is the least I can do. Subsequent, the ways I solved prioritizing what is essential by telling myself that the sooner I do it, the later I do not have to deal with it. This method only works sometimes, as I procrastinate a lot, however, I always turn it in a few hours early since I start working in the morning when it is due late at night. Ensuing, I do the chores since I do not play games, and I have plenty of time on my hands to relieve my parents from having to do housework after a long day of work. Furthermore, I realized the need to learn a future life skill so, I have been watching videos on cooking and have made much yummy food with multiple failures, but have improved to perfect them. In other words, these are my main challenges and the steps on how I defeat them.

My parents have taught me many things about my culture and my heritage. First off from my culture, during New Years you say “恭喜发财! 身体健康!” This is a greeting and hoping others a healthy life and, wishing others to become prosperous. My heritage has fortunately taught me how to speak Chinese, and now I can speak two languages. I am still currently exploring the ways my ancestors worked in the past.

I am thankful to my family for making me who I am today. I am faithful to become a successful person to care for my parents when they grow older. Family is not an important thing, family is everything!

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