Fall 2024 Afterschool Transportation

Fall 2024 Afterschool Transportation


Fall 2024 Transportation



We will supervise students homework and provide a variety of enriching and creative activities they can participate in. After care (school days 8/19/24 -12/20/24 until 6pm) is available for the following six elementary schools ($1,695 after care and $170 transportation if needed): Chesterbrook ES, Churchill Road ES, Franklin Sherman ES, Haycock ES, Kent Gardens ES, and Westgate ES.

Address: 6888 Elms St suite 2A, McLean, VA 22101

Registration fee: $50 for each student ($100 gift card for registration before 11:59pm July 27, 2024).
* Minimum enrollment 5 students. Minimum 3 students from the same school to arrange transportation. Transportation will have to be ordered separately.
* 10% Discount for multiple children within the same household.

Transportation service will pick your students afterschool at the school you indicated, transport them to CAPA NoVA Afterschool location at: 6888 Elm St. 2C, McLean VA 22101


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