Life as an Asian American is not easy, especially with the Asian Hate movement still going strong. Most people would think that having an Asian heritage would be bad, but as a kid with Asian heritage, I can confirm the fact that it makes me stronger.
Asian heritage has made me stronger because it taught me about respect. It taught me to respect family, respect friends, respect classmates, respect everyone. But when coronavirus started in Asia, all respect for Asian Americans went away. Respect is really important for seeing one’s true inner form and personality, and in this case, culture. Due to respect in Asian cultures, we can accept others and change preconstructed opinions of others. Respect has helped me fight against discrimination. This is important in Asian families because then, we can have an accepting and happy family. Respect for parents can also be really important because it helps us understand why our parents act the way they do. But since America has no respect for Asian Americans, they do not see our culture and reasoning for immigrating. America is already a diverse country, and Asian Americans should be accepted into that diverse mix. America has not accepted Asian Americans into the mix, thinking that they are doing this because of cheap labor and they think that they are just taking away jobs. With respect, however, they can more easily accept Asian Americans into America.
Everyone knows how Covid-19 started in Asia, but it was an accident. This was one of the main reasons why Asian Americans are being hated now. Another reason for this, as mentioned above, is because they think that they are stealing jobs and immigrating because of their cheap labor in Asia. One of the challenges that Asian Americans face is discrimination. We fight it using respect because it helps us be more accepting and helps us change preconstructed opinions of others.
Asian culture is really rich with culture and history and respect. They are probably trying to search for a better life. America is a diverse mix, and Asian Americans are part of that mix. America needs to accept Asian Americans and with respect, that is achievable. Respect is an important aspect of Asian culture and with it, we will understand others better.

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