Asian Americans have gone through lots of challenges.Even though we have gone through lots of challenges, we stay Persistent.In fact, we grow stronger for every challenge we meet.Asian Americans are very persistent through every challenge we have gone through.There might be harder challenges and easier challenges, but we always grow stronger every time we go through a challenge.At the end, we overcome the challenge and even learn something new!
Being Persistent makes me a lot stronger and every challenge makes me learn more ways to solve things.Which gives me experience so if i’m in that situation again, I will know how to solve it.Being persistent teaches me about not giving up.It teaches me to be hard working and being helpful to people in need of assist.Being persistent also can help me in lots of different ways.If something makes me frustrated, I will calm myself down and be persistent.If something im doing is hard, i will take a break, and try again.
Even though Asian Americans teach us about a lot of things like being persistent, helpful and hard-working, they are currently being hated because of Covid-19.Although, yes it did start in Asia , but it was an accident.Even though they are being hated, they teach us a lot.I think instead of hating each other, we should work together and helping us getting over this huge challenge.But, that isn’t happening, so, we will be persistent and wait until we get through this big problem.
Being Asian American helps me learn about hard work.Being Asian American makes you unique.Being Asian American helps you learn.Being Asian American makes you stronger.Being Asian American Helps you learn about being persistent.Being Asian American makes you be yourself.

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  1. Tyler,

    There is a traditional Chinese story called “愚公移山.“ An old men moved two mountains. That spirit embedded into Chinese culture, in which you take pride.


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