From an Asian’s Perspective

During the 1990s, my parents who had not met yet came to America to start their new life as immigrants. They both studied hard, worked hard, and eventually met each other. Soon, they married and my sister and I were both born.
I have forgotten much of my childhood except for a few memories. Among the important memories were the countless vacations with friends and family to adventures from Alaska to the Caribbean. Each of those adventures showed me how important it was to spend time with your friends and family. It brought happiness and joy to our faces and minds that video games, money, and humor could never give.
Now it is even more important that not only families but for communities as a whole stick together as a cohesive, nurturing haven for people of every sort and size. With the chaos amplified with fears of coronavirus, many parts of the United States have turned into complete pandemonium.
Politics are as confusing as ever and through the haze of it all, people are still failing to get quality food, water, shelter, and safety. Now is not the time to be worrying about if the election is rigged if people are failing to get the basic needs of life. The education system is messed up too. Recent changes include a lottery to get into a good high school and the removal of advanced math classes which make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
However, there is still time to fix mistakes and repair society. By creating opportunities for those in need and establishing a more fair and reasonable society, people can learn and work without fear of discrimination, bankruptcy, and viruses. Everyone in the United States can be proud of their heritage and race without being shunned out by others. People can share their traditions like Ramadan in confidence. I am very proud of my Chinese heritage and traditions of making dumplings or watching five hours of Chinese dancing, karate, singing, and comedy on Lunar New Year’s Eve.
Every person regardless of race, age, culture, or origin should have the basic needs of life. Every person should have the ability to show their culture without fear. Every person should have the right to fairness, freedom, and above all, happiness.

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