A Rainbow Of Diversity

We all come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. This is what makes our planet beautiful and special just like rainbows. A rainbow has 7 colors just like diverse human races. Together they look so beautiful. Though our skin colors are different and we are learning to embrace diversity and respect each other’s culture, we all learn from each other.

I’m proud to be an Asian American because Chinese is a beautiful language with 4 tones like music and Chinese culture is as rich as the vast ocean. Just recently I attended Hope Chinese School Idiomatic Story Telling where I placed 2nd among top students from 8 Chinese schools. My story was Ba miao zhu zhang which means spoil things by undue haste. I enjoy going to Chinese school because I get to learn the history and culture. I also learned to make crafts such as Chinese Lanterns, Dragons, Fans, and more! In addition, I love dancing with Chinese silk fans and wearing china dresses. During Chinese New Year we have a lot of red colors around the house to be festive. Sometimes I think the color red in the rainbow may represent Asian American culture.

I admire my grandparents for their love and sacrifice during Covid-19. Due to my virtual learning, they took very good care of me by cooking for me and helping straighten out my room, etc. My grandparents used to live in China and Japan and worked as doctors. They worked so hard and put their hearts to work and family so that they could provide the best lives for the next generation. They also encouraged me to study hard and equip myself with knowledge. That was the best advice I’d ever obtained. I think my grandparent’s love is like sunshine the orange color in the rainbow that warms me up every day.

Everyone is a part of the rainbow. Asian Americans, Hispanics, African Americans, Caucasians, and Native Americans weave together to shine as beautiful as a rainbow. I as an Asian American am proud to be a contributing part of this beautiful rainbow.

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