Chief Police Officer: “This means a lot to us.”

Yuyan Zhou:
特别谢谢@Tian  这次的统筹协调。 还带上全家人来一起为我们站脚助威.

还要特别谢谢我们的小明星@Long Elaine。她(的)诗touched everyone‘s heart。  还有我们的明星夫妻团队@Jennifer Xu @宁静致远 夫妇,他们是我们团队的核心,是多年一如既往服务社区的典范。

谢谢你(Lisa W.) 🙏 you have been a star for our CAPA core team, and thanks for all your time and effort.

谢谢你(Yue Lan) 还有@王军 都来一起站脚助威。 💪💪。 谢谢你们.


Tian Olson: Long Elaine’s poem is definitely the highlight of the event.  It was so great to finally meet many of our team members in person!


Lisa Wu:  Thank you for Yuyan’s vision and leadership in CAPA NoVA. It has been my privilege and honor to be part of such a wonderful team. My kids have benefited tremendously from these meaningful and wonderful activities as well.

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Yuyan Zhou: 这次活动很成功。真的喜欢我们团队的每一个队员🙏🙏 谢谢大家的支持。我们一起努力。共建社区。

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