Next Staturday is a very special even!  Again, here is your special reminder 👆 CAPA NoVA, in collaboration with TFF, will host a “Parents First “ workshop on 8/26/2023, Saturday 10am-12pm, and the topic will cover parents’ rights in the FCPS school system.  This is a very important event. Please try to sign up asap.  Please help us spread the word, and invite as many people as you can. Use the link to sign up asap.
Please help us to promote! The topics covered in this workshop will be important to all parents, and parents, PLEASE WAKE UP! It is your children, your tax money, your rights, and the future of our nation at stake!
相关阅读:  周三,12/13,9-10p, Lucy Chen,on her new book Build Resilience: Live Learn and Lead.
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