【5/3/2021 】CAPA-NoVA Distinguished Chinese American Project

(Author: Yuyan Zhou)


朱珍妮(Jeanie Jew) is a board member of the OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates. The organization has rebranded from the Organization of Chinese Americans. As a former staffer on Capitol Hill and board member of the OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates, she brought the idea of designating a month out of the year to recognize Asian Pacific Americans to New York Representative Frank Horton.

Having witnessed the U.S. Bicentennial celebrations of 1976, Jew was frustrated that Asian Pacific Americans were not being included as recognized communities in celebration of the bicentennial.  During the period, Black History Month, which was decreed to become a national observance in 1976 by President Gerald Ford, was already being celebrated. Hispanic Heritage Week, recognized as a national celebration by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968, was also in place.

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According to the APAHeritage website, she also wanted to commemorate her great grandfather M.Y. Lee, who contributed to building the Transcontinental Railroad. Originating from China, M.Y. Lee reportedly came to the U.S. in the 1800s and was among those who suffered heavily despite playing a key role in American history. A U.S. federal law that openly targeted Chinese immigrants in the late 19th century made life difficult for many like Lee.


For more information:

Meet the Woman Who Inspired the Creation of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month


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