[Book Club – 4] The Chinese Secretes for Success – Five Inspiring Confucian Values

Date/Time: Friday May 21st, 2021 @ 8:30 – 10:00 pm

Author & Guest Speaker: Mr. Yukong Zhao


YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YcKRJJrSm0

Yukong Zhao’s Bio:

Mr. YuKong Zhao is a distinguished Chinese American civil-rights activist, the co-founder and President of the Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE), and the author of the book, The Chinese Secrets For Success: Five Inspiring Confucian Values.

In May 2015 Mr. Zhao and other Asian American leaders united 64 Asian American organizations and filed a civil-rights complaint against Harvard University. As the largest joint action taken by Asian-American communities in recent history, the complaint helped expose Ivy League colleges’ systematic discrimination against Asian American applicants to the national and world stage. Under his leadership, AACE has made significant progress in advancing Asian American children’s equal education rights including Trump Administration’s  adoption of AACE’s policy recommendations on college admissions, and its lawsuit against Yale University.

相关阅读:  杨致远(Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang)

In addition to fighting for Asian American children’s equal education rights,  Mr. Zhao also contributes columns in Orlando Sentinel, Daily Caller, Forbes, Washington Examiners, The World Journal, Sing Tao Daily and IndiaWest to promote Chinese culture and advance Asian American social progress. He is the first Chinese American advocating using Confucian values to help persistent social problems in American society such as poor personal finance, failing K-12 education and high crime rates.

Mr. Zhao was a Republican congressional candidate for Florida CD7 and is the host of the YouTube Channel 【宇空视野】.

Yukong Zhao’s Presentation:







By Xi Su

CAPA-NoVA Volunteer

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