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王安(An Wang) (1920-1990) was a Chinese-born American executive and electronics engineer who founded Wang Laboratories.

The son of a teacher, Wang earned a bachelor’s degree in science from Jiao Tong University in Shanghai in 1940. He immigrated to the United States in 1945 and earned a Ph.D. in applied physics and engineering from Harvard University in 1948. Having been introduced to computers while at Harvard, Wang in 1948 invented the magnetic memory core, which served as the core of computer memories until the advent of the microchip.

In 1951 he founded Wang Laboratories, a manufacturer of desktop calculators and office computers that was one of the most successful American high-technology companies in the 1970s and early ’80s. Wang served as president of the company until 1986 and was succeeded by his son Frederick. An Wang invented many basic components for word-processing systems and held about 40 patents in all. His family retained ownership of Wang Laboratories after his death.

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