3/20/2024 Wednesday 8:30-9:30, we will have students from Impact Speakers give their prepared speech presentations.

Join us, cheer them up, and be prepared to get inspired.
(Note, Coach @Alice Guo has pioneered this teaching method, use speech to guide her students learning classical literature, forming their own ideas, expressing themselves in confident ways. It is amazing to see how these students transformed and their speeches are truly amazing. I have invited her and her students to bring their presentations to our platform, showcase their achievements. Please note, this is not designed as performance, but rather a rare opportunity to witness their growth. )

相关阅读:  周六,12/16, 8P-10P, 特别的爱给特别的你~ 礼物和私人专属的爱语,让你和你爱的家人们拥有一个最浪漫而深情的圣诞节!KCSC and our beloved @稚云 老师 will have a session on “礼物和爱语”,请扫码注册报名。
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