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(Author: 贺清峰 Qingfeng He)

苏姿丰(Lisa Su)( 1969-) is an American business executive and electrical engineer, who is the president and CEO of AMD. Early in her career, Su worked at Texas Instruments, IBM, and Freescale Semiconductor in engineering and management positions.

Su was born in Taiwan and emigrated to the US at the age of 3 with her parents. She earned her bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees from MIT. MIT Technology Review reports that as a doctoral candidate, Su was “one of the first researchers to look into silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, a then unproven technique for increasing transistors’ efficiency by building them atop layers of an insulating material”.

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Su was appointed president and CEO of AMD in October 2014, after joining the company in 2012 and holding roles such as senior vice president of AMD’s global business units and chief operating officer. Su led the remarkable comeback of AMD in the fierce competition with Intel in the CPU market. AMD’s share value grew from $3/share in October 2014 to $80/share as of June 2021. Much of that growth can be attributed to Su’s strong leadership and vision to focus on developing high-performance computing and graphics technologies for three growth areas: gaming, datacenter, and “immersive platforms” markets.


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Su is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). She has won many awards and honors as an executive. Among those, she was named Executive of the Year by EE Times in 2014 and one of the World’s Greatest Leaders in 2017 by Fortune. In 2019, Su was named one of “The World’s Best CEO of 2019” by Barron’s, Fortune’s #44 “Most Powerful Women in Business”, Harvard Business Review’s #26 “The Best-Performing CEOs in the World”, and Bloomberg Businessweek “The Bloomberg 50”. She became the first woman to receive the IEEE Robert Noyce Medal in 2021.


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In her 2017 speech to new doctoral graduates at MIT, Su urged them to “dream big” and “work hard every day to solve the world’s toughest problems”. She has been an inspiring story for women in engineering, and for those who are pursuing career path from technology to business and management.


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