True Victory

Shouts echoed through the hall. They had done it. The aliens were gone. With one fighter ship, and one blast. But the ones who had done it had mixed feelings. What had they done? They had destroyed an entire species of alien. But they were heroes in the eyes of the spectators watching from earth. Less than a year later, World War lll broke out. Once united together, earth had divided itself into countries and nations again.

I recently read Ender’s Game, and that is what happened at the end of the book. I tell this story now because I’m worried that humans will only unite together when there is something to unite against. Even after a great victory they had together as one, they still fought, because that was the past, not the present.

After I had read that, it reminded me of how good it could be when humans work together. Right now, humans separate themselves into tribes, villages, towns, cities, states, countries, and continents. In real life, humans have never united together as one, because there is no one we are uniting against. Some people seek blood or war. Others are patriotic for their country or state, but that puts them against other countries or states.

I do not think we should separate people based on race. Separating people like has led to slavery, which has led to racism, which has led to violence and unkind actions all over the world. Even though I am Chinese, I have not visited China. This does not mean that I am less Chinese than any other Chinese American, because I still practice Chinese culture. Not having been to a part of the world doesn’t mean you are less of some ethnicity or culture. As an asian, I have special traits compared to others in America, but others who are not asian have special traits compared to me. Everyone is different, but in other ways than country and continent.

True victory isn’t winning a contest or a race, true victory is being able to compete as a part of the human world, not competing against other humans.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this essay does not represent the views of the contest organizer CAPA NOVA.
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  1. Awesome article! Loved your point of view and the discoveries you’ve made so far!

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