My name is Alexis Song and I am 12 years old. I was born in America and my parents came from Mainland China to the United States when they were only in their young teens. They came to California as a first generation immigrant for further education. After a lot of moving, my twin sister and I were born in Pennsylvania.
When I was young, I was always confused about my race. I was American, I was Chinese, I was Asian American? It depended on the situation. I never had a permanent decision though. Kids would tease me about my race and it would only lead me into more confusion. “You are Chinese, not American!” They would always taunt. They excluded me from a lot of things when I was younger and would make racist remarks.
When COVID 19 hit, the reflection of me in the mirror started to clear. I started to piece together details and began to make conclusions on my true self. Looking at the ways America and China handled the Pandemic helped. It was true that Americans were listening to the Central Disease Control suggestions and recommendations. Americans stayed six feet apart and wore masks if needed. But it was clear that China did a phenomenal job at keeping the germs at bay. Citizens wore masks not because the government issued it, but because they were worried about their safety, and the safety of their beloved country. I admired China’s take on preventing the pandemic and stopping the germs from spreading. I could see the perspective from China because I am Chinese at heart and I can understand their perspective better than those proud Americans, keeping only their own well being in mind.
I realized that even if I was American, I was still Chinese on the inside. Though I may be from America, my heart and soul are all externally devoted to China. So even though my mirror is made in America, my reflection is Asian, inside and outside.


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  1. Alexis, i applaud your writing. Your voice was heard crastal clear. I sincerely value your own thinking even though it may be differnt from other people.

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