Hi! Most of us might speak the same language, wear the same clothes, eat the same food but in a way we are all different. I was born in Virginia, but my parents were born in India. That for a fact makes me different from some people. People can also have a different race because some people are White, Black, Asian, and etc. Many people also speak different languages like most Indians speak Hindi and most Americans speak English. Also, people can like different things. For example, one person might like the city of Jeddah in Saudia Arabia, while another person might like a city in the Philippines, named Manila.

Now let’s move on to how people think about Asians. For example, people might think a Indian can handle a lot of spices because Indians eat a lot of spicy chicken. Next, people can think that a Chinese person is very good at Mandarin because it is their national language. Finally, people can think that a Japanese person knows a lot about the Japan Sumo Cup.

Now let me tell you what it is like to have immigrated from India. It is very nice to have immigrated because here in the USA, the schools are better. Also, if I want to, I can go visit my family in India for some time and not stay there permanently because I have a Visa and a passport. Finally, The USA has a lot more amenities and is way neater.

Finally, I would like to tell you that it is a very nice experience being an Asian American. Also, I get to know a lot and learn a lot about different places and the history of the United States and about its culture. If someone says “so you are Hawaiian, and you say no I am not but I lived there for a while I am from Hong Kong.” That person you are talking to says you are “ Asian “. I read a story on Google and now I know how it feels to put your life under one word.


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