Leibniz and me


May 31, 2021

Did you know that Leibniz, a famous Mathematician who was the co-inventor of Calculus, was influenced a lot by Chinese culture, in particular, I Ching, an ancient book in China? So am I. I particularly love three aspects of Chinese culture, Chinese language, martial arts, and Chinese food. As you may know, the Chinese language has the most native speakers in the world, Chinese martial arts (kungfu) is the oldest type of martial arts, and Chinese food has the world’s biggest variety of flavors. All of those things have helped me in my daily life and they still will.

Growing up in a Chinese family has helped me learn the Chinese language. I can speak Chinese to anyone. For example, I can talk to my grandparents when they call us and could communicate with my cousins when I was in China. In addition, learning Chinese has helped me know more about China. As an example, I learned many Chinese stories from my Chinese lessons and Chinese TV programs.

I practice Chinese martial arts, which has helped me be stronger and know how to defend myself. We learned a lot of moves, for example, bending down to avoid kicks and grabbing your opponent’s leg. Martial arts is a good exercise too. We always move around a lot and stretch our bodies. By practicing martial arts, you can be flexible and balance yourself easily. Martial arts makes you feel good as well. When you exercise, it increases brain chemicals related to feeling happy.

I eat Chinese food almost every day. Chinese food is really good because there are so many different dishes and tastes. One of my favorite Chinese dishes is fried noodles. I like fried noodles because it is so crisp, crunchy, and fresh. I can also eat a lot of steamed pork ribs because they taste scrumptious.

I love being able to speak Chinese, learning martial arts, and eating Chinese food. I would do anything to stay how I am: Chinese American. Learning Chinese makes you smart. Martial arts will put joy in your heart. A Chinese grocery store will always fill your cart. Overall being Chinese has helped me learn a lot of things. I hope Chinese culture will be very special to you just like it is to me.


5 thoughts on “Leibniz and me”
  1. I reallly love this piece! It is genuine and summarizes well how Chinese culture has an impact on you. Good job!

  2. Anne-Sophie, how i wish i could be like you, speaking Chinese so fluently and knowing Kung Fu moves! You are an admirable girl!

  3. Anne-Sophie, you write very well. Hope yiu will appreciate Chinese culture more in the future.

  4. I enjoy reading your essay. You provided a unique perspective of what Chinese culture means to you. What is meaningful to you will be meaningful to the society and your experience is part of the experience of a much larger community. Thanks for sharing!

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