My name is Lisa Xu. I have my own dream and have my talents just like anyone else. I will fight for my dream until success. I am just a regular girl. I am also an Asian American.I don’t want any harm to happen to the citizens of either American or Asian, I only want to make things better for both sides. That’s why I decided to write this essay.

Asian American don’t want any harm to happen to anyone, they only want to help things getting better. They will try again if they fail, because they are determined workers. They didn’t want the coronal virus to happen. They worked so hard to fight the virus, to fight the bias, to help other communities in need during pandemic, because they always know: hate has no place while love has no labels.

I am really proud of myself because I am an Asian American. We have so many great scientists, artists, thinkers, and workers. workers who once lived in Asian made a lot of new things, such as stuffed animals. If you look at some of the things in your house, lots of it will say it was made in Asia. As the world factory, Asia grew out of poverty in the past decades because of rapid development, but, it also brought a new concern of environment pollution. To help the world a better place to live, it’s time for us to work together to make the earth our best home.

The Asian Americans are just Asian who came to America for a better life, they don’t have to be treated better or worse than anyone else. We, the Asian Americans should be treated with trust and respect. I don’t want to live underneath anyone or over power them. I just want to live a normal life as a citizen of this country. No matter what I look like, I hope the young generation of Asia American will live peacefully in USA with love without worry about: Fight Virus, Fight Bias any more!


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