The Asian heritage makes me stronger because the Asians have been through hard times.Even though they have were poor,had to work many hours on the farm just to earn money,they still didn’t have enough food which leads to no full stomachs.They still found ways to survive and get better lives like the ones we have right now.It makes me feel strong that Asians never give up.
The past challenges that Asians had were that there wasn’t always enough food for everyone in their family so they usually went to sleep without full stomachs.Another challenge that they faced was that they didn’t have good jobs,they might work on farms or restaurants.
They solved their past challenges by never giving up and finding new thing to do to earn more money.Even if they aren’t successful at some things,they keep trying until they succeed at something.Some even moved to america hoping for better luck,happy lives,better and easier jobs and enough food for everyone in their family to have full stomachs.
The children of the Asian families probably got inspired by their parents or grandparents because they probably saw them working hard and trying to get enough money and enough food for all of them.
My favorite Asian tradition is Chinese New Year because you get to play with lanterns or fireworks,stay up late and countdown to the new year and new beginning where you could change yourself.
I think that we should all respect the Asians and not hate them because of there hard work to survive.Even today,they work hard to earn money and survive.They make a lot of thing to give around the world so that everyone can live a happy and wonderful life and not have to worry about not having enough money or food.


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