Dear CAPA NoVA Families,

March 16th, 2021 is a devastating day for our country, particularly for the Asian American community; a senseless massacre in the Atlanta-area shootings brutally took the life of eight innocent people, including six of our fellow Asian women.  This is an extremely tragic loss for the victims’ families and friends, and a very sad moment for our country which stands for freedom and protection to our people.

As a Chinese American community organization, CAPA NoVA unequivocally condemns this senseless massacre and demands a thorough investigation of this deadly crime.  It is well past time for #Stop AAPI Hate. Our prayers are with the victims’ families and friends, and our hearts go to everyone in our community who feels increasingly anxious, angry and frustrated with the anti-Asian racism.  

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Over the past year, anti-Asian attacks have rapidly risen to nearly 4000 incidents all across the nation, resulting in many deaths of innocent Asian Americans simply due to their race. Today’s tragedy is the latest wake-up call for all Americans to stand in unity against racism, violence, and crime. During this difficult time, CAPA-NOVA calls all Chinese Americans in Northern Virginia to pray for the eight victims of the shooting incident, and prepare to offer our help to their families if needed.  

CAPA-NoVA leadership team will have an urgent meeting at 9pm Thursday 3/19 to discuss and organize our community effort. We openly welcome our members to join us to share suggestions and work together on the follow-up actions (Click Zoom link here) .  The potential actions include but not limit to the following:

  • A letter to our local school boards and government officials to demand their denouncement of anti-Asian racism; demand an inclusion of Asian cultures and heritage learning in the school curriculum to increase awareness 
  • Connect with the Asian community organizations in Georgia to coordinate joint efforts 
  • Plan for a candlelight night to pray for the victims 
  • Contact our local police departments to inquire their action plans to protect our Asian American community 
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Stay safe and stay vigilant, stay strong and stay united.

Thank you.  

CAPA-NoVA leadership team 


Click Here to join our Zoom meeting, or enter the following ID in Zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 201 171 5105

Passcode: CAPA

By Lisa Wu

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