Virginia Council Women’s 13th Annual High School Essay Contest 正在火热进行中,主题囊括了科技、工程、艺术、数学和历史等领域。
在本周六研讨会中,VSA Future的Dr. Julia和Ms. Jennifer将详细介绍弗吉尼亚 STEAM-H奖学金,该奖学金为高中毕业女生提供上大学的经济援助。

Essay Tips for the Virginia Council on Women STEAM-H Essay Contest

The Virginia Council Women’s 13th Annual High School Essay Contest focuses on Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and History. This contest, announced by the Governor, is open to senior students in Virginia and is highly recommended for those seeking merit-based and need-based scholarships. The deadline for submission is April 1.

Join Directors Dr. Julia and Ms. Jennifer from VSA Future as they discuss how the Virginia STEAM-H Scholarship offers financial assistance for college to high school senior girls.

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In this seminar, you’ll learn from VSA writing experts and college counselors how to craft scholarship application essays that are not only memorable but also heartfelt and successful. These skills are transferable, and you’ll discover how to apply them to any scholarship or college application essay, beyond just the STEAM-H essay.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Join us at 8:30 PM this Saturday, March 16, 2024, for this informative seminar.

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