FOX 5  is following up on Fairfax County Public Schools’ plan for students and teachers to return to the classroom on February 16 – but on Tuesday, we learned thousands of teachers will continue to work from home.

This means that classroom monitors will be on-site and in-class with students while their teacher is instructing virtually.

Out of Fairfax County Public Schools 15,000 teachers, 2,300 will continue to teach virtually after having their American Disabilities Act request approved – many due to concerns about COVID-19.

Right now, we’re told there are 645 classroom monitors.

The district says it still needs to fill 205 class monitor openings.

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This was discussed at Tuesday’s meeting with school district leaders.

This comes as the school district is moving forward with bringing students back in the classroom and also as FCPS employees undergo COVID-19 vaccinations.

FOX 5 has learned the thousands of American Disabilities Act requests were submitted in the fall before the COVID-19 vaccination rollout started for FCPS employees.


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